About us


ConChioggiaSI is a tourism promotion consortium that currently counts around 100 members: hotels, non-hotel accommodation facilities, restaurants, bathing establishments and service companies in the Chioggia, Sottomarina and Isola Verde areas.

The ConChioggiaSI Consortium was established on the initiative of organisations, individuals, and associations with the aim of promoting the city of Chioggia and its surrounding area for tourism and business purposes. It aims at enhancing the many aspects that characterise the city, namely its hospitality, art, history, culture, places of religious interest, gastronomic tradition, and folklore. In order to make the customs, traditions, and culture of the people of Chioggia known, the aim is to emphasise the authenticity of the historic centre, but also the beauty of the surrounding nature, proposing quality and sustainable tourism that respects the delicate balance of our reality.

Chioggia has a dual identity: the old Chioggia with its narrow streets and historic buildings, and the new Sottomarina, which, with Isola Verde, represents an extension of the city itself, with its modern, attractive beachfront. The consortium's objective is to broaden tourist demand towards new flows by proposing Chioggia as a destination not only of great historical, artistic, and cultural interest, but also for its nature and its bathing areas.

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